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A Day in Fall

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Charles Harned



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April 19, 2022


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Echelon agent Michael Larson navigates the worlds of espionage and politics to keep America from crumbling. All while a silent enemy consolidates power.

The election of an inexperienced and controversial president threatens to plunge America into chaos. When a prominent demographist is abducted shortly after a deadly riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, Echelon agent Michael Larson is the only one who connects the two events. Echelon tracks the growing threat of domestic extremism. It doesn’t take Larson long to discover that a very real foe is gaining power-the alterative right. More acts of violence are promised. All evidence points to someone in the highest ranks of the federal government helping them.

A prolific newcomer named Samit Bathari bursts onto the scene. And although he seems like the answer to all of America’s problems, he has his own dark past that must be reckoned with as democracy and the country’s very fabric are endangered.

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