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I am a Woman

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Anu Kasturi



Publication Date

August 8, 2020


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“It doesn’t matter where the world leaves you; all that should matter is where Jesus takes you.”

Hello beautiful women! In your daily lives, if you’re feeling as if you’re not worthy enough, strong enough, good enough, or beautiful enough-that you don’t matter anymore-God wants to remind you of three simple words of truth that define your value: “My beloved daughter.” That is who you are. Your worth is not defined by who you are in this world but by who you are in Christ: free and forgiven.

This book focuses on women in the Bible whose lives were supernaturally transformed when they trusted the Lord and lived out their faith. When it was tough for those women, and when they appeared to have given up, the Lord embraced them and didn’t give up on them. Instead He restored all of their lives piece by piece, just to let them know that they mattered to Him and that they were too precious to lose. Just as He promised them, He is promising each of you that He is with you and is never giving up on you. I pray that as you read this book, you will see yourself as Christ sees you and ponder His relentless love for you. You’re not just a woman. You are a woman, and you’re worth every single promise and every single blessing.

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