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Knewgoat: A Black Man’s Journey to Greatness in the Hell That is America

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Marquise Thompson



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May 25, 2021


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Hassan Johnson is a brilliant and undefeated lawyer from the streets of Tree Port who is suddenly attacked by one of his clients. After experiencing a traumatizing encounter that leads to allegations of murder, Hassan finds himself back in the courtroom in front of the most difficult judge and jury. Determined to prevent his client from being sentenced to eternal condemnation, Hassan reflects on the pain, unexpected losses and silent mental anguish that are common for Black men in America. By channeling and examining the lessons he’s learned from being a Black man in America, Hassan aims to achieve what seems impossible. Hassan seeks to experience heaven while residing in hell. Journey with Hassan as he embarks on a quest to become something that exceeds being the greatest of all time, the Knewgoat.

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