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Unbound: A Woman’s Guide to Power

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Kasia Urbaniak



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March 09, 2021


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The ultimate guide to owning your power–and mastering how to use it.

How can so many women feel good and mad yet still reluctant to speak up in a meeting or difficult conversation? Why do women often feel like they’re too much–and, at the same time, not enough? What causes us, at the most critical moments in our lives, to freeze?

Kasia Urbaniak teaches power to women–and her answers to these questions may surprise you. Based on insights from her experiences as a dominatrix, her training to become a Taoist nun, and the countless women she has taught to expand their influence, this book offers precise, practical instruction in how to stand in your power, find your voice, and use it well.

Learn how to:

– Embrace your desires as the pathway to your destiny.
– Ask for–and get–what you need in your life, work, and in the bedroom.
– Skillfully navigate hearing no and any resistance, even your own.
– Flip power dynamics when someone crosses your boundaries and puts you on the spot.
– Create new and expanded roles for the people in your life with precise, targeted asks.

Whether you’re getting crystal clear on exactly what you want, or turning the tables on a man who has shut you up and shut you down, Urbaniak’s methods teach women to stand for themselves in every interaction.

Part manual, part manifesto, part behind the scenes look, Unbound is a how-to guide to the impossible, the outrageous, the unimaginable–a field guide to living your wildest, best, and most satisfying life.

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