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How to Spot a Best Friend

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Bea Birdsong



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June 22, 2021


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Do you know how to find a best friend? Find out in this wonderful celebration of kindness and friendship!

“Today, I will find a best friend!” announces a little girl to her mother as they walk to school. Her mother reminds her that it’s only the first day of school, and finding a best friend might take some time. But the girl isn’t worried, because she knows exactly how to spot a best friend. “A friend lends you a crayon. A best friend lends you a brand-new, extra-sharp green crayon,” she explains. And so begins a whimsical exploration of what it means to be a best friend. Full of imagination and charm, this is the perfect picture book for little ones hoping to find–and be–a best friend at school.

  • The perfect gift for children starting school.
  • Another inspiring and empowering book from Bea Birdsong, author of I Will Be Fierce!
  • Encourages kindness and empathy, two popular and relevant themes.
  • Features a diverse cast of characters, including children of color and a child in a wheelchair, two under-represented groups in the market.
  • Lucy Fleming’s adorable illustrations are sure to capture the imaginations and hearts of readers, young and old alike.

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