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Lucky and the Dragon: Book 10

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Laurie J. Edwards



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January 01, 2022


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The unicorns of the Enchanted Realm are acting nervous and scared. Ruby wonders if the newest member of the herd, Lucky, is being a bully. Meanwhile, she has her own school bully to deal with. Can Ruby bring peace to the Enchanted Realm? Can she confront her own bully?

Something is wrong in the Enchanted Realm, but Ruby can’t figure out what. The stallions have scratches on them. The other unicorns hide under the trees instead of playing. Ruby wonders if the herd’s newest member, Lucky, is to blame. Meanwhile, a new girl at school is being a bully. She makes fun of Ruby for believing in unicorns. Can Ruby help bring peace back to the Enchanted Realm? And can she figure out what to do with her own bully?

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