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The Library of Ever

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Zeno Alexander



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April 28, 2020


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A middle-grade fantasy about a magical library with every book ever written on its endless shelves—and Lenora, its newest, youngest, most adventurous librarian.

Lenora is having a very frustrating summer while her parents have adventures around the globe—until she discovers a strange doorway in her local library.

It leads to the Library—the ultimate library, filled with all the knowledge of the universe. And Lenora steps right up to become its newest apprentice librarian.

Lenora’s new job rockets her across the globe and into outer space, to a future filled with robots, and to a dark nothingness that wants to destroy the library. She quickly learns the only way to save it might be unlocking the knowledge inside its endless shelves . . .

The Library of Ever is an adventure across time and space, but more importantly across human knowledge, as a young girl discovers what makes books truly magical.

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